Top 39 Asia Dividend Stocks for High Returns in 2024

Have you considered the power of Asia Dividend Stocks?

In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, finding lucrative opportunities is essential. Asia, a region known for its economic growth, offers a treasure trove of dividend-yielding stocks. 

This article delves into the world of Asia Dividend Stocks, exploring why they are becoming increasingly popular and how they can help you build a robust and diversified investment portfolio. Let’s unlock the potential of Asia’s thriving markets.

Best Asian Dividend Stocks


Bridgestone, a renowned tire manufacturer, offers a competitive 3.64% dividend yield. With a low payout ratio of 34.94%, it maintains room for future growth and sustainable dividends.


Canon, a leader in imaging and optical products, boasts a 3.97% dividend yield. While the payout ratio is 48.29%, Canon’s commitment to shareholders remains strong.

>> Canon Dividend History

Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom, a prominent Taiwanese telecommunications company, offers a 4.16% dividend yield. Although its payout ratio is higher at 96.10%, it provides an attractive income opportunity.

>> Chunghwa Telecom Dividend History


ComfortDelGro, a global land transportation services provider, delivers a 3.53% dividend yield. Despite a payout ratio of 73.29%, it remains a solid dividend stock.

>> ComfortDelGro Dividend History


Fanuc, a leader in industrial automation, presents a 3.16% dividend yield. With a payout ratio of 63.81%, it combines growth potential with dividend stability.

Genting Singapore

Genting Singapore offers a robust 4.05% dividend yield, making it an appealing choice for income-focused investors. With a payout ratio of 68.03%, it maintains a balance between dividends and reinvestment.

>> Genting Dividend History

Hang Lung Properties

Hang Lung Properties boasts a high dividend yield of 7.54%. While its payout ratio is relatively high at 82.11%, it reflects a commitment to rewarding investors.

>> Hang Lung Properties Dividend History

Hang Seng Bank

Hang Seng Bank provides a competitive 4.90% dividend yield. With a reasonable payout ratio of 62.41%, it offers a steady income stream.

>> Hang Seng Bank Dividend History

Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp, a leader in the motorcycle industry, offers a 3.21% dividend yield. Its payout ratio of 68.28% indicates a commitment to shareholders.

>> Hero MotoCorp Dividend History

Indian Oil

Indian Oil, a major player in the energy sector, presents a 3.40% dividend yield. With a conservative payout ratio of 33.76%, it offers stability and potential for growth.

>> Indian Oil Dividend History


Itochu offers a steady 2.98% dividend yield, with a conservative payout ratio of 26.14%. This balance between dividends and reinvestment makes it an attractive choice for long-term investors.

Japan Tobacco

Japan Tobacco presents a high 6.52% dividend yield. Although the payout ratio is on the higher side at 78.50%, it emphasizes its commitment to returning value to shareholders.

>> Japan Tobacco Dividend History


KDDI provides a 3.32% dividend yield and maintains a moderate payout ratio of 44.23%. This balance offers investors a mix of income and growth potential.


Keppel offers a robust 6.08% dividend yield, demonstrating a commitment to rewarding shareholders. The payout ratio, while high at 80.17%, suggests a dedication to dividends.

>> Keppel Dividend History


Komatsu, a leader in construction and mining equipment, presents a 4.37% dividend yield. With a reasonable payout ratio of 37.34%, it combines income and financial stability.

Mapletree Logistics

Mapletree Logistics offers an attractive 6.06% dividend yield, making it a potential income powerhouse. The payout ratio, while on the higher side at 81.13%, reflects its commitment to rewarding investors.

>> Mapletree Logistics Dividend History


Marubeni, a diversified trading company, provides a 3.59% dividend yield. With a modest payout ratio of 27.67%, it balances dividends with reinvestment for sustainable growth.


Megaworld, a real estate developer, offers a 3.44% dividend yield. Its low payout ratio of 12.52% signifies ample room for dividend stability and potential growth.

>> Megaworld Dividend History


Mitsubishi, a global conglomerate, provides a 2.77% dividend yield. With a moderate payout ratio of 24.83%, it aims to reward shareholders while maintaining financial stability.

>> Mitsubishi Dividend History

Mitsui OSK Lines

Mitsui OSK Lines, a major shipping company, presents a 3.76% dividend yield. Its payout ratio of 33.75% strikes a balance between dividends and reinvestment, offering investors a potential income stream.


MTR, known for its exceptional dividend yield of 13.21%, provides investors with substantial income. However, the high payout ratio of 96.51% raises questions about sustainability.

>> MTR Dividend History

Nippon Yusen

Nippon Yusen impresses with a remarkable 14.61% dividend yield. Its lower payout ratio of 36.21% suggests ample room for growth and stability.

>> Nippon Yusen Dividend History


NTT, while offering a lower 1.32% dividend yield, maintains a reasonable payout ratio of 22.29%, signaling a balance between dividends and future investment.


OSG offers an impressive 38.40% dividend yield, making it an attractive income option. 


PCCW offers a substantial 9.96% dividend yield, making it an attractive choice for income investors. However, the extremely high payout ratio of 549.70% raises concerns about dividend sustainability.


PLDT impresses with an 8.99% dividend yield, indicating significant income potential. Nonetheless, the elevated payout ratio of 238.10% suggests the need for caution.

>> PLDT Dividend History


Posco provides a moderate 2.16% dividend yield, with a reasonable payout ratio of 29.53%. This balance may appeal to investors seeking both income and stability.

>> Posco Dividend History

Singapore Exchange

Singapore Exchange offers a 3.64% dividend yield, with a payout ratio of 61.78%. It aims to provide a steady income stream while maintaining financial health.

>> Singapore Exchange Dividend History

Sino Land

Sino Land boasts a 7.43% dividend yield, presenting a strong income opportunity. However, the high payout ratio of 78.08% suggests caution regarding dividend sustainability.

>> Sino Land  Dividend History

SK Telecom

SK Telecom offers an appealing 6.87% dividend yield, providing investors with a solid income opportunity. The reasonable payout ratio of 68.96% indicates a sustainable dividend policy.

>> SK Telecom  Dividend History


StarHub presents a 4.90% dividend yield, offering income potential, but the high payout ratio of 125.00% suggests potential concerns about dividend sustainability.

>> StarHub Dividend History


Sumitomo provides a 3.51% dividend yield, with a reasonable payout ratio of 40.18%. This combination indicates a balanced approach to dividends and reinvestment.

>> Sumitomo Dividend History

Suntec REIT

Suntec REIT offers a robust 6.60% dividend yield. The high payout ratio of 91.81% suggests an emphasis on delivering income to investors.

>> Suntec REIT Dividend History

Toyota Motor

Toyota Motor provides a 2.91% dividend yield, with a conservative payout ratio of 26.38%. This indicates a focus on balancing dividends with reinvestment for growth.

>> Toyota Motor Dividend History

United Overseas Bank

United Overseas Bank offers a competitive 6.28% dividend yield with a conservative payout ratio of 36.19%. This balance signifies a commitment to both dividends and financial stability.

>> United Overseas Bank Dividend History

United Tractors

United Tractors impresses with an extraordinary 28.22% dividend yield. However, the high payout ratio of 116.89% raises concerns about the sustainability of dividend payments.

>> United Tractors Dividend History


Vtech offers a substantial 14.11% dividend yield, balancing income potential with a high payout ratio of 114.91%. Caution is advisable regarding dividend sustainability.

>> Vtech Dividend History

WH Group

WH Group provides a solid 6.44% dividend yield with a reasonable payout ratio of 43.78%. This suggests a commitment to both income and reinvestment.

>> WH Group Dividend History

Wilmar International

Wilmar International offers a 4.80% dividend yield with a moderate payout ratio of 43.79%, emphasizing both dividends and financial stability.

>> Wilmar International Dividend History

Are Asia Dividend Stocks a Good Investment?

Asia Dividend Stocks hold significant appeal for investors seeking a balance of income and potential growth. With dividend yields varying from moderate to high, they offer attractive income opportunities. 

However, it’s crucial to weigh this against payout ratios to assess the sustainability of these dividends. While some stocks may boast exceptional yields, caution is warranted, especially with high payout ratios, which could signal potential risks to dividend stability. Careful research and a diversified approach can make Asia Dividend Stocks a valuable addition to an investment portfolio.

Factors to Consider when Investing in Asia Dividend Stocks

When exploring Asia Dividend Stocks, several factors deserve your attention. Start with a thorough analysis of the company’s financial health, examining payout ratios and historical dividend stability. Consider economic and geopolitical conditions in the region, as they can impact stock performance. 

Additionally, assess your own investment goals and risk tolerance to align with the right mix of dividend-yielding assets. Diversification and ongoing monitoring are key to making well-informed investment decisions in the dynamic landscape of Asia’s dividend stocks.

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