Top 15 Dividend Stocks Australia: Guide to High Returns

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Are you looking to build a steady stream of passive income through dividend stocks in Australia?

If you’ve been pondering how to secure a reliable source of passive income, then exploring the realm of dividend stocks in Australia might be your next strategic move. In this guide, we delve into the world of dividend investing, offering insights into the top-performing stocks Down Under. 


Yancoal, with a dividend yield of 13.30% and a payout ratio of 78.11%, stands out as a lucrative option for dividend investors. Its robust yield, coupled with a moderate payout ratio, suggests a sustainable dividend policy that can potentially provide substantial returns to shareholders.

>> Yancoal Dividend History

Rio Tinto

Offering a dividend yield of 7.00% and a payout ratio of 65.21%, Rio Tinto presents a balanced opportunity for investors seeking stable returns. With its solid fundamentals and global presence in the mining sector, Rio Tinto remains a reliable choice for dividend-focused portfolios.

>> Rio Tinto Dividend History


Macquarie, boasting a dividend yield of 3.85% and a payout ratio of 68.34%, offers investors a blend of income and growth potential. As a leading financial services provider, Macquarie’s dividend policy reflects its commitment to delivering consistent returns to shareholders.

>> Macquarie Dividend History


Despite its payout ratio exceeding 100% at 116.68%, BHP’s dividend yield of 5.38% remains attractive to income-oriented investors. With its diversified portfolio and strong position in the resources industry, BHP continues to be a prominent player in the dividend stock landscape.

>> BHP Dividend History

Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank, with a dividend yield of 3.58% and a payout ratio of 78.18%, presents a stable option for dividend-seeking investors. As one of Australia’s largest banks, Commonwealth Bank’s dividends reflect its resilience and long-term value proposition.

>> Commonwealth Bank Dividend History

New Hope

New Hope offers investors a dividend yield of 7.62% and a payout ratio of 66.06%. With a focus on coal mining, New Hope’s dividends are supported by its solid operational performance and commitment to shareholder value creation.

>> New Hope Dividend History


Suncorp, with a dividend yield of 5.59%, provides investors with an attractive income opportunity. Although the payout ratio is not available, Suncorp’s track record of dividend payments underscores its commitment to delivering value to shareholders.

>> Suncorp Dividend History

Whitehaven Coal

With a dividend yield of 7.27% and a payout ratio of 53.24%, Whitehaven Coal offers investors a compelling income opportunity. Despite operating in a cyclical industry, Whitehaven Coal’s dividends reflect its strong financial position and prudent capital allocation.

>> Whitehaven Coal Dividend History

Myer Holdings

Myer Holdings, boasting a dividend yield of 7.45% and a payout ratio of 90.91%, presents an intriguing option for income-focused investors. As a prominent retail player in Australia, Myer Holdings’ dividends reflect its resilience amidst changing market dynamics.

Cromwell Property

Cromwell Property offers a dividend yield of 7.06%, but its astonishingly high payout ratio of 15000.00% raises concerns about sustainability. Investors should carefully assess the company’s financial health and future prospects before considering it for their portfolio.

BSP Financial Group

With a solid dividend yield of 9.72% and a reasonable payout ratio of 82.12%, BSP Financial Group presents an attractive opportunity for income-oriented investors seeking exposure to the financial sector.


Woodside offers a dividend yield of 7.11%, but its exceptionally high payout ratio of 257.77% raises concerns about sustainability. Investors should conduct thorough due diligence to understand the underlying reasons behind such a high payout ratio.

>> Woodside Dividend History

Metrics Income Opportunities Trust

Metrics Income Opportunities Trust provides investors with a robust dividend yield of 8.78% and a manageable payout ratio of 90.71%. This makes it an appealing option for investors seeking income-generating assets within the trust sector.


Telstra offers a moderate dividend yield of 4.76% and a payout ratio of 96.59%. While its yield may not be as high as some other stocks, Telstra’s consistent dividend payments make it an attractive choice for income-focused investors seeking stability.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman presents investors with a dividend yield of 4.36% and a reasonable payout ratio of 83.53%. As a leading retailer, Harvey Norman’s dividends reflect its strong market position and commitment to returning value to shareholders.

Are Dividend Stocks in Australia a Good Investment?

Investing in dividend stocks in Australia can be a prudent strategy for investors seeking a combination of income and growth. 

These stocks often provide steady cash flow through regular dividend payments, making them attractive for income-oriented portfolios. 

Additionally, many Australian dividend-paying companies have a strong track record of profitability and stability, further enhancing their appeal as long-term investments in a diversified portfolio.

Factors to Consider when Investing in Dividend Stocks in Australia

When investing in dividend stocks in Australia, several factors warrant consideration. These include the company’s dividend history, payout ratio, and financial stability. 

Additionally, assessing industry trends, economic conditions, and regulatory environment can help determine the sustainability of dividends and potential for future growth. 

Conducting thorough research and analysis is crucial for making informed investment decisions in the Australian dividend market.