Top 27 Healthcare Dividend Stocks for High Returns in 2024

Are you looking to invest in stable income-generating options within the dynamic realm of the healthcare industry?

In an ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the quest for stability and profitability remains a top priority for investors.  Seeking lucrative opportunities while navigating the dynamic intricacies of the industry is a challenging pursuit. 

To this end, understanding the potential of health care dividend stocks becomes crucial. Delve into this insightful exploration as we dissect 27 of the top dividend-yielding stocks in the healthcare sector, providing key insights and guidance for your investment journey.

Best Healthcare Dividend Stocks


Amgen, with a dividend yield of 3.26% and a payout ratio of 54.85%, solidifies its position as a dependable dividend stock. Its sustained commitment to innovation and a robust pipeline underpin its stability in the healthcare market.

>> Amgen Dividend History

Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health’s dividend yield is 2.19%, but its high payout ratio of 198.77% warrants caution. Despite challenges, its strong distribution network and diverse product portfolio continue to support its standing within the sector.

>> Cardinal Health Dividend History

Gilead Sciences

Gilead Sciences boasts a 3.92% dividend yield and a manageable payout ratio of 68.05%. Its persistent focus on research and development, particularly in antiviral therapies, positions it as an attractive prospect for dividend-seeking investors.

>> Gilead Sciences Dividend History


With a notable 4.26% dividend yield and a relatively high payout ratio of 118.93%, Abbvie’s continued commitment to expanding its product portfolio and a strong pipeline fortify its appeal within the healthcare dividend stock landscape.

>> Abbvie Dividend History

Agilent Technologies

While Agilent Technologies presents a modest dividend yield of 0.88%, its commendably low payout ratio of 23.17% underscores its stability and potential for sustained growth within the healthcare sector, backed by its solid market presence.

>> Agilent Technologies Dividend History


Astrazeneca’s dividend yield of 2.34% and a payout ratio of 73.42% reflect its resilient market presence and consistent performance in the healthcare sector. Its focus on innovative drug development continues to bolster its position as a reliable dividend stock.

>> Astrazeneca Dividend History

Baxter International

Baxter International, with a competitive dividend yield of 3.61% and a manageable payout ratio of 56.50%, remains a strong contender in the healthcare dividend stock realm. Its strategic acquisitions and diversified product offerings contribute to its overall stability.

>> Baxter International Dividend History

Becton Dickinson

Becton Dickinson offers a dividend yield of 1.45% and maintains a stable payout ratio of 65.10%. Known for its strong foothold in the medical technology space, its consistent performance and robust product pipeline cement its position as a reliable dividend stock.

>> Becton Dickinson Dividend History

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s impressive 4.47% dividend yield and a reasonable payout ratio of 59.84% underscore its robust presence in the healthcare sector. Its strategic acquisitions and focus on oncology and immunology bolster its appeal among dividend investors.

>> Bristol-Myers Squibb Dividend History

CVS Health

Despite its payout ratio of 105.48%, CVS Health’s 3.65% dividend yield and its dominant market position in the healthcare industry contribute to its allure as a dividend stock. Its diversified business segments provide resilience against market fluctuations.

>> CVS Health Dividend History

Gen Digital

Gen Digital’s 3.03% dividend yield and low payout ratio of 23.58% signal its stability and growth potential. With a strong focus on digital innovation within the healthcare sector, it maintains a promising outlook for investors seeking reliable dividend options.

>> Gen Digital Dividend History


Humana’s conservative 0.69% dividend yield and a low payout ratio of 12.46% underscore its financial prudence. Its consistent performance in the health insurance sector reaffirms its stability and resilience within the market.

>> Humana Dividend History

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, with a dividend yield of 3.27% and a payout ratio of 95.67%, remains a stalwart in the healthcare industry. Its diversified product portfolio and continued emphasis on research and development contribute to its appeal as a dependable dividend stock.

>> Johnson & Johnson Dividend History


Medtronic’s robust 3.98% dividend yield, coupled with a payout ratio of 100.74%, reflects its strong presence in the medical technology sector. Its innovative medical devices and strategic acquisitions position it as a lucrative dividend option for investors.

>> Medtronic Dividend History

Natural Health Trends

While Natural Health Trends boasts an exceptionally high 14.73% dividend yield, its staggering payout ratio of 3430.24% raises concerns about its sustainability. Vigilance is necessary due to the company’s intricate market dynamics and potential risks.

>> Natural Health Trends Dividend History


Premier’s 4.42% dividend yield and a moderate payout ratio of 57.53% highlight its resilience and stability within the healthcare sector. Its focus on providing supply chain solutions and data analytics reinforces its position as an attractive dividend stock.

>> Premier Dividend History

Quest Diagnostics

Quest Diagnostics’ 2.22% dividend yield and a reasonable payout ratio of 41.58% underline its consistent performance in the diagnostics industry. Its comprehensive range of diagnostic testing services solidifies its status as a reliable dividend option for investors.

>> Quest Diagnostics Dividend History


Resmed’s 1.43% dividend yield and a low payout ratio of 29.27% reflect its stable financial position within the medical equipment industry. Its continuous innovation in sleep and respiratory care solutions bolsters its attractiveness as a dividend stock.

>> Resmed Dividend History


Steris, with a conservative dividend yield of 0.99% and a high payout ratio of 155.37%, requires careful scrutiny. Its focus on infection prevention and sterilization solutions contributes to its significance within the healthcare sector, demanding careful analysis for investors.

>> Steris Dividend History


Stryker’s 1.15% dividend yield and a moderate payout ratio of 41.60% demonstrate its stable position in the medical technology space. Its emphasis on innovative orthopedic and surgical products solidifies its appeal as a reliable dividend option for investors.

>> Stryker Dividend History


GSK’s 4.05% dividend yield and a moderate payout ratio of 46.22% reflect its stable position in the pharmaceutical industry. Its diversified product portfolio, including vaccines and consumer healthcare products, solidify its appeal as a dependable dividend option.

>> GSK Dividend History


Viatris stands out with a compelling 5.47% dividend yield and a conservative payout ratio of 31.37%. Formed through a merger, its emphasis on accessible and affordable healthcare solutions contributes to its attractiveness as a strong dividend stock.

>> Viatris Dividend History


Despite its modest 0.57% dividend yield, Danaher’s remarkably low payout ratio of 9.96% underlines its potential for sustained growth within the healthcare and life sciences industry. Its strategic acquisitions and innovative technologies enhance its appeal to investors.

>> Danaher Dividend History

Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk’s 1.10% dividend yield and a reasonable payout ratio of 41.49% reflect its stable position in the pharmaceutical sector, particularly in diabetes care. Its ongoing commitment to research and development supports its stature as a reliable dividend stock.

>> Novo Nordisk Dividend History


Pfizer’s substantial 5.45% dividend yield and a modest payout ratio of 43.09% underscore its prominence in the pharmaceutical industry. Its diversified product portfolio, including vaccines and innovative therapies, solidify its position as a lucrative dividend option for investors.

>> Pfizer Dividend History

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s modest 0.32% dividend yield, coupled with an impressively low payout ratio of 8.85%, highlights its potential for consistent growth in the life sciences and laboratory equipment sector. Its comprehensive range of scientific services reinforces its appeal to investors.

>> Thermo Fisher Scientific Dividend History


Merck, with a dividend yield of 2.84% and a notably high payout ratio of 162.22%, warrants careful consideration. Despite challenges, its strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in vaccines and oncology, contributes to its significance within the dividend stock landscape.

>> Merck Dividend History

Are health care dividend stocks a good investment?

Health care dividend stocks have long been favored by investors seeking a blend of stability and income. The sector’s essential nature and consistent demand for healthcare services and products make it an attractive choice. 

Moreover, companies with a history of offering dividends provide a reliable income stream. However, it’s vital to conduct thorough research and consider individual financial goals and risk tolerance before diving in, as the healthcare sector, like any other, presents its own set of challenges and opportunities.

Factors to Consider when Investing in health care dividend stocks

When delving into health care dividend stocks, several critical factors merit close attention. Understanding the company’s financial health, including its dividend yield and payout ratio trends, is paramount. 

Additionally, analyzing the regulatory environment and the potential impact of policy changes on the healthcare industry can provide valuable insights. 

Evaluating the company’s research and development pipeline, market competition, and technological advancements within the sector are also crucial for making informed investment decisions.

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