Top 12 Silver Stocks with Dividends: Expert Picks

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Are you seeking stable returns while investing in the silver market?

In a world of volatile markets, stability is a coveted trait for investors. If you’re eyeing the silver market for potential returns, you’re likely seeking a balance between growth and security. 

Fortunately, silver stocks with dividends offer just that—a chance to capitalize on the precious metal’s value while enjoying steady income streams. Join us as we delve into the silver investments, exploring the top stocks that promise both stability and profitability.

Procter and Gamble:

With a dividend yield of 2.36% and a payout ratio of 62.57%, Procter and Gamble offers stability and reliability. Its diverse product portfolio and consistent performance make it a favorite among investors seeking dependable returns.

>> Procter and Gamble Dividend History


Newmont boasts a dividend yield of 2.94% despite a relatively high payout ratio of 180.33%. As a leading gold and copper producer, Newmont’s strong financial position and commitment to shareholder returns make it an attractive choice for investors.

>> Newmont Dividend History

Agnico Eagle Mines:

Agnico Eagle Mines maintains a dividend yield of 2.85% with a modest payout ratio of 40.51%. Known for its low-cost operations and strategic growth initiatives, Agnico Eagle Mines continues to deliver value to investors through dividends and capital appreciation.

>> Agnico Eagle Mines Dividend History

Wheaton Precious Metals:

Wheaton Precious Metals offers a dividend yield of 1.39% and a payout ratio of 50.59%. As a streaming company, Wheaton provides investors exposure to precious metals without the risks associated with traditional mining operations.

>> Wheaton Precious Metals Dividend History

Pan American Silver:

With a dividend yield of 2.87% and a payout ratio of 45.35%, Pan American Silver is a prominent player in the silver mining industry. Its strong balance sheet and diversified portfolio of assets position it well for long-term growth and dividend stability.

>> Pan American Silver Dividend History

First Majestic Silver:

First Majestic Silver offers a modest dividend yield of 0.37% and a low payout ratio of 6.73%. While its dividend may be lower compared to peers, First Majestic’s focus on expanding production and reducing costs bodes well for future dividend growth.

>> First Majestic Silver Dividend History

SSR Mining:

SSR Mining stands out with an impressive dividend yield of 6.78% and a reasonable payout ratio of 28.00%. With a diversified portfolio of assets and a commitment to disciplined capital allocation, SSR Mining offers investors an attractive combination of income and growth potential.

>> SSR Mining Dividend History

Hecla Mining:

Hecla Mining’s dividend yield of 0.59% and high payout ratio of 116.67% may raise eyebrows, but its long history in the mining industry and solid operational performance make it a consideration for investors seeking exposure to silver.

>> Hecla Mining Dividend History


Despite a relatively low dividend yield of 0.99%, Fresnillo maintains a healthy payout ratio of 46.76%. As the world’s largest primary silver producer, Fresnillo’s strong asset base and operational expertise position it as a cornerstone investment in the silver market.

>> Fresnillo Dividend History


Glencore offers a dividend yield of 2.43%, although its payout ratio exceeds 100% at 131.12%. As a diversified mining and commodities trading company, Glencore’s ability to generate strong cash flows across various sectors provides support for its dividend payments.

>> Glencore Dividend History

Metalla Royalty and Streaming:

Metalla presents an intriguing investment opportunity as a royalty and streaming company, providing investors with leveraged exposure to precious metals. By acquiring royalties and streams, the company offers a unique avenue for investors to benefit from the performance of precious metals markets. This business model allows Metalla to generate revenue without the operational risks associated with traditional mining operations.

>> Metalla Royalty and Streaming Dividend History

Silvercorp Metals:

Silvercorp Metals presents a modest dividend yield of 0.82% alongside a conservative payout ratio of 14.71%. With a focus on low-cost production and operational efficiency, Silvercorp Metals maintains financial stability while rewarding shareholders with consistent dividend payouts.

Are silver stocks with dividends a good investment?

Investing in silver stocks with dividends can be an attractive proposition for investors seeking a balance between income and growth. While the volatility of the silver market may deter some, the stability offered by dividend-paying companies can mitigate risk. 

Additionally, with the potential for capital appreciation as silver prices fluctuate, these stocks provide a compelling opportunity for both short-term gains and long-term wealth accumulation.

Factors to Consider when Investing in Silver Stocks with Dividends

When considering investments in silver stocks with dividends, it’s essential to evaluate factors such as the company’s financial health, dividend history, and exposure to silver prices. 

Additionally, assessing management quality, operational efficiency, and geopolitical risks can provide insights into the sustainability of dividend payments and the potential for long-term growth in your investment portfolio.